Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

So as I am typing this out Johnny should be traveling home. I hope so because I haven't heard from him in a day. We don't have much planned. Just a quick getaway on the coast for about 3 days. I know everyone talks about having to wait days later to pick up their loved ones but for once I hope this isn't the case. It's fun telling people that my husband is my Christmas present and I get to pick him up on Christmas Eve.

I have been working full time as a sub which has been keeping me busy but now that it's winter break I have been cleaning the house and getting ready for Johnny to come home. Hmm...can't think of anything else because there's not much going on. We are healthy, happy, and looking forward to what next year may bring.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. Stay safe and enjoy your family. I am ever so grateful to be able to enjoy my husband this Christmas.

Friday, November 20, 2009

R&R Christmas

Johnny is coming home around Christmas time!!!! I get to have him a whole 14 days!!!! I'm thrilled :)

I have to cancel my airflight to California and the kennel I reserved for Mollie. But after such good news, who cares? I now need to make hotel reservations on the coast and enjoy in the fact that:


Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Haloween!!

I'm a little late...I wasn't going to make a post about Halloween because silly me forgot my camera. Not sure how that happened. I went to our niece's 1 year birthday party and I forgot my camera. Not happy about it so I may repeat it a couple of times. LOL Afterwards I drove down to Eugene to hang with friends while they passed out candy and that was a BUST! I think everyone was at the game because she only had 7 knocks at her door. I was suppose to dress up but I didn't. (I think she was a little upset by that. hehe) Her husband was a wizard and she made a matching hat for her little one and she was a....well I'm not sure what she was, she put on the outfit she wore at her wedding reception. It was beautiful to say the least.

So my Halloween wasn't eventful this year but that's okay because I didn't really feel all upbeat about it anyways. Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

After going to the pumpkin patch I went over to my friends house were we had a pumpkin carving night. Everyone brought their pumpkins, we ate dinner and got started on all the goop and seed pulling and carving, shaving and lighting of our pumpkins. I thought after years of carving I'd try something a little more least for me. LOL.

my boxer pumpkin
left pumpkin is a Schnauzer, and the right a Beaver OSU

Stencil looks great...should have left it at that. LOL

The beginning.

Shane and Justin starting on their pumpkins


Love, Love, Love October with all the pumpkin activities.

Saturday night I went to the haunted corn maze with my friend Bethany and her husband. I came home with mud up to my knees and had fun finding our way through the maze with chainsaw noises and strobe light tunnels and people sneaking up on you while your just standing around answering questions. My question of the night was why is this my first time? Johnny and I will be going again next year and I sooo can't wait.

On Sunday I went to the pumpkin patch with Johnny's family. I enjoyed taking pictures of everyone and yes I did pick one out. I'll show you in my next entry of pumpkin carving. :) To my surprise no tantrums this year. All the kiddos really enjoyed themselves. It was fun!

Me @ the pumpkin patch
Megan and Jeremy with their kidlets

Augie and Aspyn


Katelyn- who's bday is this month!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I started baking cookies to send to Johnny. First of all I hope they get there edible. Secondly, I thought he would enjoy some pictures of me making them since he usually enjoys taking one off the counter fresh out of the oven when he is home.

The suggestion that I have read on the Internet is to freeze the cookies until you go to the post office. So all the orange Tupperware are cookies to send to Johnny. And you get to look at what else is in the freezer. Time for a bigger freezer!
The cookies I made in the pictures are peanut butter with a pumpkin candy. For Halloween of course! Other cookies I baked and are sending out are chocolate cookies and I made chocolate chip oat bars. I am waiting for the bowls to clean up in the dishwasher to start making the sugar cookies. I'm still not sure how all these cookies will end up in the box.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Johnny's Unit

The FRG coordinator for Johnny's unit emailed some links. I hope you enjoy! Although they are just glimpses of what Johnny is doing it's still better than nothing.

As for me.....just sitting around selling a little Scentsy and waiting for time to fly so my husband can come home to me.

Monday, September 7, 2009

NO Broken Bones!

Johnny finally made it to the other base via helicopter. He went to the doctor and said he strained his tendon. Gave him a different brace and now Johnny has to sit and wait to go back to his base.

So after two full weeks of sitting and waiting hopefully next week Johnny will be able to get up and do whatever it is that he is suppose to do. Hopefully nothing too exciting happpens again. I just want him safe and together the way he left.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Johnny lost to a Punching Bag

As Johnny sits bored in Iraq he has worked out just about everyday with some of the guys. Well two days ago he decided to hit the punching bag in between sets of whatever exercises he was doing that day. Let's just say he lost to the bag. Now he has to sit around with a possible broken wrist and wait for a convoy to take him to another base to get x-rays done so they can figure out what exactly he did to himself. I was hoping he would take a picture of himself so I could post it along with this post but no such luck...what a guy! So when he gets some results I can update the blog about him and let all those who read this know as well. As of now he is still waiting and the high amount of Motrin and Advil is not working out. Yesterday he was wishing for a frozen bag of peas...I'm sure he misses home and all the readily available help he would have.

But on the brighter side...we can add this to the list of disability that he can receive when out of the military. He seems to wait for active duty to sustain most of his I just hope he gets this all situated soon and can actually be productive soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pictures and Collages

A while back I was rummaging through a catalog and mentioned to Johnny that I really liked it. I had intended on getting it. Then a couple of weeks after that I went out with the girls and when I came home he had bought me the collage. Needless to say that was months ago. My goal was to get it all filled in while he was gone. My goal is accomplished! Thanks to my friends who told me about

My mom had sent me home with this little frame. Glad I got most of my pictures printed out. I had a variety of pictures. Mollie and Daisy are a big part of our lives. We do miss Daisy. Now I have to hang these pictures into our concrete fun!

Little Jenna's Birthday

Jenna is 5! She is excited to start Kindergarten next month. Here's some pictures of her party!

With alot of friends and family by her side she had an enjoyable day. With swimming, jumping on the trampoline, otter pops and cake. I'm sure she's enjoying all the clothes and other presents given to her.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Started on Wii Fit

I borrowed my friends Wii Fit. Johnny has been suggesting that I buy it. Instead I borrowed it too make sure that I would actually use it. I have had the Wii fit for 5 days now and have used it 4 days. I actually woke up this morning and wanted to turn it on. And I can actually feel it working my muscles. I didn't think I would be as excited about it as I am. So here this next week I should go out and buy it now. And while I'm on Wii Fit Johnny is working out at the gym in Iraq. We both should be really fit by the time we see each other again. I'm very excited about this!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summertime Heat

I had to share my dogs fasination with ice cubes. It was the only water she was taking when it was hotter than normal here in Oregon. Not sure if she just got bored with trying to consume them but she actually started tossing them around as if it was a ball. Gotta love dogs!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Made it Home!

After a whole month gone I'm glad to be home. I'll have to get on top of downloading pictures but resting and relaxing with a quiet house has taken over for the moment. On my trip I saw every family member possible from central California to Phoenix, Arizona. I had a blast with my nieces...watching them with karate and tennis practice and watching their favorite tv shows. I met up with Johnny in Georgia and had a fantastic weekend over the fourth of July with him. Of course it wasn't long enough. Hopefully he will get his R&R soon.

Now that I'm back at home I have to get things back into order and wait for the school year to begin to start working again. But I always have Scentsy to keep some money flowing from my end. Off to look at places to get some quiet time with Johnny when he comes home for his break!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Robert's Kindergarten Graduation

Here's a few pictures of Robert's (Moose's) graduation. I was in the back of the room and still getting used to my camera. These are the two I liked the best. Here he is getting his diploma and telling the teacher that when he grows up he wants to be a babysitter.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Family Get-Together

We were getting together for Johnny's Cousin, Crystal, for her baby shower. I only ended up taking pictures of people and not the gifts or cake or baby stuff for that matter. So here are a few pictures. I cropped the pictures saved them then added them but they ended up back to there original state. I one day will figure this out. :)

Johnny's Aunt Janet and Cousin Chaylene

Johnny's niece Aspyn with her birthday stuff

Johnny's Cousin Crystal...her baby shower!

Johnny's Niece Katelyn taking Mollie for a walk!

I was suppose to go to a birthday too. But I'm exhausted from the baby shower. So happy birthday Faith who is turning 7 this month.

Memorial Day Pics

Mollie and I went to hang out with Johnny's family. Not really doing anything interesting. Just hanging out front. Here's some pictures of the littlest niece and Mollie and a 3 month old puppy.

There was alot of running around. With alot of dogs hanging out. By the end they were all ready to relax and thought they'd join the baby on the blanket for a quick nap.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I hate them. We haven't had too many since I've been up here. But today is the second day in a row that we have had them. Hopefully they are leaving. Not sure if they are suppose to come back tomorrow or not. I have an outside baby shower to go to on Saturday so they have to be gone by then. Because I said so. Mollie isn't too bothered by them which is good because if she started freaking out my anxiety may have been worse.

So I've gotten the car serviced. The whole house is clean. (Well with the exception of the office, but I plan on cleaning that room before I leave) Mollie's appointment for the vet is next Wednesday so I'll be off early Thursday. I got all the travel situations figured out for Georgia and my sister is going to care for Mollie. I have to go to Bestbuy to pick up a few last things. And I'm ready to start packing. I talked to a friend who is in California visiting too and we are going to try and meet up too. I'm excited about this next month and hopefully everything goes nice and smoothly..traveling wise.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Planning a Trip

I'm done with work for the school year which means it's time to get to California. First I need to get the car serviced, which sucks because they took out a Nissan dealership and now have to drive 30 minutes instead of 15. Not to thrilled. Then I need to take the dog to the vet to get a travel certificate.

So planning on staying for like 5 weeks but one week in Arizona and one week in Georgia. Yup I said Georgia. It's official. Johnny is able to have maybe 3 days of free time before he takes off for Kuwait. Not sure on how many days he depends on if he needs more training or not. Hopefully not. I can't wait for a getaway. I was hoping to travel down to Florida to see my Grandpa but Johnny says they will most likely put a travel hold on them. Boohoo...I don't like when I don't get my way.

I'm off...have lots to do...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Keeping Busy

that was suggested by the FRG Coordinators. But is it possible to be too busy. I think I've worn myself out and can't wait it out until the end of the school year which is in 3 weeks. I had to tell a lady I do respite for that I need respite for myself and I will be unavailable next weekend. It will be my first weekend off, in I don't know how long. dog is reverting back into her ways of not listening and going limp when I say it's time to go into the crate. (if you have a dog I'm sure you understand, but if not...there just like kids) Sometimes you don't know you need a day off until a kid or dog, in my case, is being stubborn.

But, I'm getting excited because I'm going to California for about 3 weeks after school gets out. Today my sister and I planned a trip to Arizona. And you may ask yourself, "Kathryn, how are you getting around?" The answer is driving. I'm crazy and probably don't have to be reminded but I am driving 16 hours to California then a week into the trip driving 6 hours to Arizona. I must love and miss my family tremendously because otherwise I would think I was a nut job. Mollie will be joining me for my trip to California. But most likely not Arizona. Not sure how she would do with Oregon weather then California weather and then have to deal with Arizona.

While in California or Arizona for that matter, I might be taking a trip to Georgia to see Johnny one last time before he goes overseas. I hope this works out because he's been gone again for a little over a week now and I am going insane.

I am at the moment writing this blog and trying to get some ladies to go to a Mary Kay party so this feels like only half of what I really wanted to say. So I'm going to end the blog and add more later...Hope everyone is keeping busy as well!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Never Enough Time

The week went by fast. Johnny and I had seven days together. Starting off with last Friday we just hung at home. Saturday he had to work (Drill) while I drove around getting boots and other various items that he needed. Sunday we had the whole day to ourselves (the only day that happened :( ] Monday we had a deployment ceremony where the governor came out and made a presence. We went to Best Buy and bought a laptop and camera...last minute things. Tuesday, I worked for 3 hours then had lunch with some friends and his mom came over late afternoon to hang out. Wednesday he slept in, started to repack while I worked for 3 hours and then we went to a movie with friends and saw Wolverine. Thursday he took his mom out for breakfast while I worked for 3 hours, and we continued to buy last minute things. Friday I worked for 5 hours while he hung out with friends, he finished packing and we tried sleeping....but didn't get to bed until 11 and set the alarm for 1:45. Now it's Saturday, I haven't taken a nap and have to babysit later where I need all the patience in the world to get through the afternoon. Johnny will be on a bus at 8:30 to take off for the airport and flying to Georgia.

I thought I had myself under control. I did alot of crying when they took off for California. But driving home without my husband is a feeling that I seem to not get used too. I just pray for his safety and awareness for himself and the men and women around him. It seems like we have it all together on the outside of life but on the inside we go crazy. Then having to talk with someone that doesn't have really any advice but seem to bring up the situation anyways. I'm not sure what to say to them. Sometimes it's better to leave some topics out of conversation. I think I'm jibber jabbing and for no good reason. I'm ending this post and going to try and rest my least for an hour our two.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Johnny Seizes to Amaze Me!

I woke up this morning pretty excited just with the fact that Johnny will be home at the end of the week. He also sent me a nice good morning text message. (The way we do most communicating at this time) But at 9am he tries calling me, I can't answer because I'm working with the children, then texts me to say, "Happy Dating Anniversary". What a guy. And the stereotype is that men usually don't remember dates. The truth is that I have a hard time remembering that date. I wonder if he remembers the day we got married too. Guess I'll have to wait and see...

He just melts my heart knowing he knows the little things about our relationship. He seems to be a turd around others but there is another side to him. Honest, I've seen it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daisy's been Adopted

I want to say that I'm happy to say that Daisy has been adopted. Although I'm not sure how exactly I do feel. I guess I'm just worried that it's not going to work out with her other family. She is just a lot to handle and I hope that whoever did adopted her has A LOT of patience. Good Luck Daisy!

Other updates...well there's not much to say. Mollie and I have been hanging out at home not really doing much. Johnny is busy in California and Mollie and I can't wait to hang out with him for a short time when he does get home.

Everybody, have a good weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Daisy is Gone

Well sad to say but I did it all by myself. I took Mollie to have a pawdate at her friends. Then Daisy and I drove a hour and a half to her temporary home. I was complete control until I walked into the building. I was a mess. She's a great dog but I guess I learned my lesson. Always make sure it's okay with your landlord before you bring home a dog. Or...just buy your own house so it isn't an issue. Someday Johnny and I will get there.

I filled out the paperwork. I forgot her medical records. I need to get them to the shelter by the end of the week. I signed a contract saying that I was surrendering her then I brought her in. They asked if I wanted to say goodbye. The answer is that I don't want to say goodbye but yes I will. I sat and cried with her while she licked my tears away. The lady handling her said she would be fine. There's alot to do with other dogs. My thoughts were only where will she sleep if she isn't going to be in bed with me. Too bad I didn't ask because I want to know now.

Mollie was fine when I saw her afterwards. But when we got home she went looking for Daisy then laid by the front door as if to wait for her. I tried having Mollie give me kisses after awhile and she wouldn't even look at me. I'm in the dog house. This morning she even stayed in bed an hour and a half after me. I know she isn't liking the situation. Hopefully she'll get used to being the only dog in the house again. She didn't destroy anything while I was at work, that's an accomplishment. And she is eating some food right now. She may enjoy this life again. She'll soon find out that she can come along with me more often.

Johnny feels bad. He loved Daisy too. I wish he were able to go with me so I had him to cry on. It was difficult handing her off but it was time. Maybe he'll make it up when he gets home for a couple of days in May. We all loved Daisy and we'll miss her.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update on Daisy

So I'm in conversation via email with a dog rescue in Portland. They are wanting to make an appointment to meet Daisy. That's a good sign. Not sure how I'll react when she does go. I know I don't want to be the one to hand her off to the next person. This is so heart wrenching. She is apart of the family and we will all miss her. I'll let everyone know what comes of this appointment.

I'll just have to remind myself some of the best choices we make are the most dificult.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Denial

So I haven't written about anything cuz I am terrified of Johnny leaving. I trust that he will keep himself safe and try to stay out of trouble but come on it's always scary to know that your husband is going overseas to a place that isn't the safest place to be. This certainly makes it difficult to celebrate my birthday. So anybody out there go ahead and eat a piece of cake because my nerves are shot and I'm not interested.

On a lighter note: We did get professional pictures taken. I'll download them...later. I think they turned out cute. Mollie of course is the cutest in the picture.

And it's sad to say but it has taken sometime to realize that maybe I should give Daisy away. I wish I didn't have to do this. Johnny and I have fallen in love with her. But she needs a yard she can hang out in and we don't have that. I'm currently looking for a rescue that will take her that way I know she won't be put down. Wish she didn't have being deaf as a drawback on people thinking about taking her in. She just needs a more active family than I am that wants to take the time to walk her and play with her.

Wish me luck in all my adventures in the next month!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Dishwasher Too!

I thought my weekend was great with getting new electronics in my car. Then Sunday, my landlord came over with a dishwasher to install. Boy oh Boy am I excited. They had to come back to day to finish it. Then he tried tackling a leak in a pipe attached to the washing machine. Well he literally tackled it. Took the pipe right off. So tomorrow I will be able to wash my dishes and my clothes. I could was my dishes tonight but I don't have any dishwasher soap. Never had a reason to buy any until now!

Ohh almost forgot. Daisy was helping my landlord install. She's an expert now if anyone else needs one installed.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bday Present didn't miss my birthday. I got an early present. Johnny ever so kindly went to Best Buy and bought an ipod stereo system. It is rather an interesting device. It doesn't have the ability to play cd's. Which he too just bought me a few. But we download our cd's onto our itunes library then to the ipod where I can listen to it in the car. I guess it also has the ability to do hd radio. Which I have never heard of.

But nonetheless it is an awesome stereo. he also thought about it and said whenever he goes on deployment I get a new stereo. It's a joke! Because the last time he went on deployment he let me take the stereo from his car and put it into mine.

Hope everyone has a good week ahead of them! It's Spring Break over hear but I am still working.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Coast

I know we are in the middle of the week already but I haven't had much of a chance to sit and type out a blog w/pics. So now that I have a little time after work and before friends come over for dinner...

I have to let everyone know that it rained and was extremely windy at the coast. On Saturday we waited out the wind and rain for one chance to go out. It finally happened around noon. So we got the dogs leashed up and we went for a walk. We went to the tide pool where water was rushing up at us...Mollie wasn't interested in the water..hehe. Daisy was up on the rocks trying to get at something. But we waited around for Johnny to catch a crab. He wanted to see how the dogs would react or the crab maybe? Daisy thought it a toy and took it in her mouth, Johnny was stunned and took the crab back to safety.

We walked along a trail...trying to wear the dogs out. And when we were not to far from the hotel it started to rain again. I think the dogs enjoyed it. Although they looked out from a window more than on the actual beach. I just think it was awesome that we were able to take them. When we arrived at the hotel they had dog treats and towels for them for when they got wet.

So here's some pics of our trip: (not an expert at blogging with pics...I'll turn around the one pic later).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to the Coast

Today I'll be getting ready for us to go to the coast this weekend. A big thanks to my mom for suggesting it and then giving us this double birthday present. We also are bringing the dogs with us. Hopefully it won't rain too much. I'm bringing the camera and taking pictures...if the rain let's me. That's a promise to myself.

The update on the itouch and laptop is that when Johnny came home he fixed it right up. I'm definitely going to miss him while he's gone. Who will come to my rescue when I have an electronic problem? Hopefully I won't have any major

I'll show off some pictures of the coast when we get back...hope everyone else has a good weekend!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

ipod touch

Johnny had this crazy idea for us to both get ipod touch's. Yesterday I went out and purchased both of them. It is exactly like an iphone with all sorts of applications to chose from, it's just not a phone. I am trying to figure out how, if it is possible to write a blog and post it from the itouch. Once I figure it out all the way it's going to be a blast.

Ohh and once I figure out what's wrong with the laptop to get my music off of it and onto my itouch that will be nice too. We usually keep our laptop on all the time. Probably not a good thing. I turned it off on Thursday since Johnny isn't home this weekend, drill. When I got home with the itouchs I tried turning on the laptop and the screen doesn't work. Hopefully it's a quick fix because we just spent a good amount of money putting more ram into it. Plus I have things that I need to get off of it. Grrr...hopefully it's something nice and easy because I would hate to here that it's a loss and to just get a new one. Johnny intended to take it with him to Iraq too.

Life happens in funny ways.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing in the Rain

I took the dogs to the dog park on Sunday. I forgot the camera so no pics but boy oh boy what a mess they had made of themselves. Covered in mud from paws to tummy to face. But they had a blast. I wasn't sure I wanted to go then told myself I had too. The dogs haven't been to the park in months. What a blast it was. Next time I go I'll remember my camera. Although there are a lot of blogs that I say that in. haha.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking back on February

Here we are a day left in February. Isn't amazing to look up at the calendar and see what you did. I look up and go did that really happen. Life certainly goes fast. We had a few celebrations this month including Johnny's. But others that turned another year were my dad, Johnny's nephew and I think a friend's baby turned two. But we don't see each other alot.

We double dated for Valentine's Day with Austin and Cass. That was fun. Although I could have done without the gun show in Portland. But Johnny did find a pistol that we took home. And we got our taxes done this month. These are the highlights of the Samuel's February. I hope everybody else's was memorable in someway or another. Here's to March!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Johnny's 29th Birthday

For Johnny's birthday we didn't do anything exciting. Unless you call having your mom come over and cook for you exciting. Although it is exciting for me because I don't like to cook all the time. We had a yummy cheese enchilada casserole. It was so good we had it for leftovers the next night as well.

If any of you are wondering what date Johnny's bday is because you must have forgotten it, it is the 17th. Ohh and I was talking to my mom about it being Johnny's birthday and she has offered to pay for a hotel on the coast for the weekend. Thanks Mom, we are going in March. It is suppose to be a birthday present for the both of us. My birthday is in April.

Mom's are the best. I'm grateful for mine and Johnny's both. I don't know what I would do without them. I'm glad that we can still lean on them a little bit every once and a while.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How's your week...

Sitting here this evening and thinking back on the craziness of the week. Monday and Tuesday were nice and normal. Wednesday I got called in to work at the LBCC preschool. I worked until six and somehow was suppose to be in a class at six too. I was on campus to say the least for too long on Wednesday. Thursday I worked a full day and then went to dinner with Johnny and his mom and friend and his now fiancee. Friday I worked a full day then babysat a child that was in my classroom that evening. On Saturday, or Valentine's Day, Austin and Cass joined Johnny and I up to Portland. We went up to Powell's Books and then ate at Sweet Tomatoes and then ended up at Fry's. Today I relaxed, cleaned the living room and then babysat this afternoon and evening. But tomorrow is all for me. I can't wait. I feel bad for the dogs because Johnny was away most of the time I was. He was socializing with friends. Tomorrow I'm going to spoil the dogs with some new toys. I feel totally guilty for leaving them beyond hours that they should be left at home. I'm sorry Mollie and Daisy...hopefully the rest of this month won't be as busy.

Just had to type out my busyness. Make sure it was real I guess. So much to think about right now it's amazing how I just go with the flow of the day and end up in my bed each night.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Funny Things

I just had to share because I'm sure it has happened to someone else too. I recently replaced my headlights in the car. I get the ultra lights that are much brighter than the regular headlights. It helps out when I'm driving home on the highways because the highways themselves don't have lights on the roads. Coming into town I got flashed. As if to say my high beams are on, but there not. My question is: how should I respond back to the car coming toward me? Do I actually show them my high beams or let them think that I'm not paying attention to me? I have been wondering this for a while. I didn't car to respond tonight but once I get really irritated I'll eventually start showing my high beams. It was a nice jester but if I don't respond the first time why flash me again?

My mom is going to Phoenix this week to watch the premiere of my Uncle's movie. A documentary of music. Drums is the focus point. At least I think. I can't wait to here how it was. If life wasn't so busy at the moment it would have been great to go too.

Nothing else to update on. Just filling up my calendar just as fast as I did last month. I know it will slow down for summer since neither of my jobs will be open then. But I am now looking for a more permanent job. Going from place to place during the week isn't as fun and thrilling as I thought it would be. Sometimes it can be a headache. Again my motto for life right now is: you live and learn. I sure am doing a lot of it right now :0)

Friday, January 30, 2009

January 2009

Wow the first month of January is over. Johnny and I enjoyed Jimmy and Leanna's visit. Poor guys, they never have enough time for everyone. I know how that is. When I was little and my family visited Phoenix we never had enough time too spend with all our family. We still love you guys. I appreciate the help Jimmy gave to Johnny with my vehicle. New Brakes!

Now Johnny is spending time with Austin. We're glad he's in town. They are going snowboarding tomorrow. I am going to try and put on the tires today. Hopefully the girls I'm babysitting don't act like crazy kids.

Johnny had found a car he really wanted and after thinking about it a little more he has decided to wait. I'm a little disappointed but I'm glad he is content with his decision. I look at craigslist occasionally look at Craigslist at rental houses available. I found a place that is less in rent and has more sq.ft. than the house we're in. And the bonus is that it's in Albany. After a nights sleep I realized how much effort it would take to move out of one house and into another while getting ready for deployment. So I've decided to stay put in Lebanon. Sorry friends.

Johnny has thoughts about giving Daisy up. We don't know anybody at the moment that would want her. I am sad and disappointed. I have spent a lot of time with her. Training her with obedience skills and I'm starting to teach her some sign language. I don't want to see her go but I don't know how to argue to keep her. I don't want her to go to the humane society because she will just be put down. Johnny was telling his mom what he wanted and he said that he doesn't want her to come back. So if the next family that takes her doesn't want her she could still end up in the humane society. I'm afraid that she isn't going to live her full life. She is full of so much energy and a lot of work to take care of that I don't see a good future for her. Hopefully we can find someone that will love her just as much as I do.

Ohh and I have a feeling that the college preschool that I work for is going to be closed for the summer. That is the first year since I've moved up here that it will happen. I'm disappointed because that was my saving grace during the summer. Now I will have no job this summer. But good news is that I did get a tutoring job for this term. No one has called for help yet but once midterm time comes I'm sure it will change. I am about ready to look for a full-time job and it may not be childcare related. I'm so disappointed at the way things have turned out with the college preschool. I intend to go back to school for my bachelor's. Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

That's all that has happened this month. Hopefully February will have a little less going on. January sure did wear me out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Coast has Sun

Last night I went to the coast with a couple of girlfriends. We went up and played at the casino in Lincoln City. I put in 5 dollars and came out with 43. Yippee! So this morning it was off to the outlet mall where I got a couple of things for Johnny and I. Can't forget the dogs...I got them some dog treats when I picked up some taffy.

We also went down to the Bayfront and I got some Clam Chowder. I'm a little mad at myself for not bringing some home and freezing it for another day. Yes we went down onto the sand but...I didn't think to bring my camera. I keep telling myself to take more pictures in my life but yet I don't. Although when my friends post a picture on the Internet I'll update with some of the ones they took.

I was so happy to see the sun. It has been extremely foggy over here for at least a week. I felt a whole lot better when the sun actually came out. Come to find out the sun was here too. Oh well, still had fun with my friends. I'm going to try and convince Johnny that we need to take the dogs to the coast next. Wish me Luck!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Life is moving along

Thought I'd update on how January was coming along. Jimmy got into town last week. Johnny had drill this weekend so we were able to visit with Jimmy and Leanna last night. Actually they were able to pick Johnny up in Springfield while I was babysitting. There was a surprise party for Jimmy on Friday night. I invited a friend to go with me. I enjoyed myself actually. I was a little nervous I wasn't going to. But all turned out well.

I have been busy working. Although I'm confused today if I'm suppose to work or not. I'm waiting for a phone call while I type. Johnny has been busy with work and National Guard. Not much else is new. Oh the dogs, Mollie will need to get her anal glands checked regularly. Not to thrilled and I'm sure the next time we go and she gets checked she will want to stop seeing the vet too. I am concerned that Daisy might have nighttime blindness. I will have to get a vet appointment when I have a little extra money to ask. I didn't realize to ask questions to my vet costs me 15 dollars. Not too impressed with the fact that it costs me money to ask questions but such is life I have learned.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year....Hope everyone enjoyed it. Johnny and I went to a friends house and played games for a couple of hours. But we were still home by 10. Yes we could be late nite owls but we aren't.

Not much to update about. I finished rearranging the office on Thursday and have been enjoying the new setup of the house. We went to Portland yesterday and did some shopping. We started at Powell's books (our favorite spot in Portland) and picked up about 10 books. Yippee! We stopped at Maggie's house and enjoyed talking to her for a bit and I met Johnny's ex-girlfriend, Amber. I actually enjoyed talking to her too. We found out that she is a World of Warcraft fan as well :)

We got to park on a mound of snow at the Clackamas Town Center. Johnny got a new pair of running shoes. and I got a calendar for the year and the new Enya Cd. I enjoy it! We are looking forward to Jimmy coming this week and are anticipating Austin to come back for a couple of weeks at the end of the month.

Anybody got any good ideas for restaurants to taking Johnny to for his birthday would be nice. I was wanting to maybe make a day of Portland and eat somewhere nice.

No new year resolutions for me but I hope for the best for anyone that may have made there own!