Friday, October 8, 2010

We're in our house!

We started moving two weekends ago and have been officially in our house since then. I'm slow to updating due to lack of internet connection for a week and then just getting by the next week through work and every evening being busy with something going on.

We're enjoying the projects that we want to do around the house. Like painting and texturing walls. I hope our living room gets put back together soon. I miss sitting on my couches and enjoying my coffee and reading a book. We do have the master bedroom all painted and definetly looks lived in. I started painting the walls in the hallway, which I should be finishing since it is my day off work but I'm waiting for Johnny to get home instead. hehe.

Little by little, isn't that how it's suppose to go. So far we are only living in our kitchen, master bath and bedroom and we do have internet and our computers in there place, in the office. Of course we will have to take everything out of said office when we get to painting those walls too. Oh yes almost forgot. Our t.v. is in the bedroom so we can at least watch a show from time to time and our DVD's that we have been getting through Netflix.

I think that's about it. Love the neigborhood. Nice and quiet during the day and full of kiddos running around the street in the evening. Now on to the next chapter of our lives!