Monday, March 23, 2009

A Dishwasher Too!

I thought my weekend was great with getting new electronics in my car. Then Sunday, my landlord came over with a dishwasher to install. Boy oh Boy am I excited. They had to come back to day to finish it. Then he tried tackling a leak in a pipe attached to the washing machine. Well he literally tackled it. Took the pipe right off. So tomorrow I will be able to wash my dishes and my clothes. I could was my dishes tonight but I don't have any dishwasher soap. Never had a reason to buy any until now!

Ohh almost forgot. Daisy was helping my landlord install. She's an expert now if anyone else needs one installed.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bday Present didn't miss my birthday. I got an early present. Johnny ever so kindly went to Best Buy and bought an ipod stereo system. It is rather an interesting device. It doesn't have the ability to play cd's. Which he too just bought me a few. But we download our cd's onto our itunes library then to the ipod where I can listen to it in the car. I guess it also has the ability to do hd radio. Which I have never heard of.

But nonetheless it is an awesome stereo. he also thought about it and said whenever he goes on deployment I get a new stereo. It's a joke! Because the last time he went on deployment he let me take the stereo from his car and put it into mine.

Hope everyone has a good week ahead of them! It's Spring Break over hear but I am still working.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Coast

I know we are in the middle of the week already but I haven't had much of a chance to sit and type out a blog w/pics. So now that I have a little time after work and before friends come over for dinner...

I have to let everyone know that it rained and was extremely windy at the coast. On Saturday we waited out the wind and rain for one chance to go out. It finally happened around noon. So we got the dogs leashed up and we went for a walk. We went to the tide pool where water was rushing up at us...Mollie wasn't interested in the water..hehe. Daisy was up on the rocks trying to get at something. But we waited around for Johnny to catch a crab. He wanted to see how the dogs would react or the crab maybe? Daisy thought it a toy and took it in her mouth, Johnny was stunned and took the crab back to safety.

We walked along a trail...trying to wear the dogs out. And when we were not to far from the hotel it started to rain again. I think the dogs enjoyed it. Although they looked out from a window more than on the actual beach. I just think it was awesome that we were able to take them. When we arrived at the hotel they had dog treats and towels for them for when they got wet.

So here's some pics of our trip: (not an expert at blogging with pics...I'll turn around the one pic later).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to the Coast

Today I'll be getting ready for us to go to the coast this weekend. A big thanks to my mom for suggesting it and then giving us this double birthday present. We also are bringing the dogs with us. Hopefully it won't rain too much. I'm bringing the camera and taking pictures...if the rain let's me. That's a promise to myself.

The update on the itouch and laptop is that when Johnny came home he fixed it right up. I'm definitely going to miss him while he's gone. Who will come to my rescue when I have an electronic problem? Hopefully I won't have any major

I'll show off some pictures of the coast when we get back...hope everyone else has a good weekend!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

ipod touch

Johnny had this crazy idea for us to both get ipod touch's. Yesterday I went out and purchased both of them. It is exactly like an iphone with all sorts of applications to chose from, it's just not a phone. I am trying to figure out how, if it is possible to write a blog and post it from the itouch. Once I figure it out all the way it's going to be a blast.

Ohh and once I figure out what's wrong with the laptop to get my music off of it and onto my itouch that will be nice too. We usually keep our laptop on all the time. Probably not a good thing. I turned it off on Thursday since Johnny isn't home this weekend, drill. When I got home with the itouchs I tried turning on the laptop and the screen doesn't work. Hopefully it's a quick fix because we just spent a good amount of money putting more ram into it. Plus I have things that I need to get off of it. Grrr...hopefully it's something nice and easy because I would hate to here that it's a loss and to just get a new one. Johnny intended to take it with him to Iraq too.

Life happens in funny ways.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing in the Rain

I took the dogs to the dog park on Sunday. I forgot the camera so no pics but boy oh boy what a mess they had made of themselves. Covered in mud from paws to tummy to face. But they had a blast. I wasn't sure I wanted to go then told myself I had too. The dogs haven't been to the park in months. What a blast it was. Next time I go I'll remember my camera. Although there are a lot of blogs that I say that in. haha.