Monday, December 29, 2008


This last week Johnny didn't have work. He had mentioned that he wanted to move around the house a little but never really got up to do it. Until, yesterday of course. Just shows a little procrastination but I won't tell. Believe it or not the living room alone took about 5 hours to rearrange. Having to take everything apart and moving it around then putting it back together again. We have it perfect now, but....the computer room is a mess. So we have to work on that now. Except we both work today and we might be tired when we get home. We will see!

I don't know if I had mentioned it before in another post but the dogs got into a fight again on Christmas Day nonetheless. We were planning on taking them with us to our Christmas destinations but after the fight we decided not too. Because of the incident we have decided to feed them separately and one goes in the kennel so she doesn't try and bother the other. Oh life with dogs can be interesting.

Johnny's brother, Jimmy should be in town next week. Can't wait to see him and his wife. I'm glad that they were able to make before Johnny heads to Iraq. Austin, Johnny's friend, should be coming into town pretty soon too. I'm glad Johnny will have some time to reconnect with them. I for see some snowboarding trips in the future.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Snow is Falling

This storm is amazing. Portland is pretty bad. Johnny and I didn't think that it would snow here. We thought it would just rain. It isn't cold enough to stick to the roads. But it is snowing. I took a few pictures:

Here are the dogs trying to stay warm!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting Ready!

Just an update on how December is going...our heater was finally put in and started working again on Thursday. Just to find out on Saturday that one of the guys didn't set it up correctly. We had called back and they had to come out again this weekend. But we think it's finally fixed. We hope so!

We weren't planning alot when it came to Christmas presents this year because like everyone else we are tight on budget. But last night we decided what we will do for the little ones that are around. Hopefully it will all work out just fine. Johnny and I both have the next week off, maybe we can pretend we're on another vacation :)

Because of the storms that came throughout this past week I ended up not going to work at all. It was also nice to know that someone would actually be around the house when the people were coming to work on our house. I know I said I would put up pictures of the snow but I never picked up the camera. I have to work on that a little bit. Earlier this year I had my camera in my hand alot...then after Cancun I haven't had it around me. Must be tired of taking pictures.

Hope everyone is getting prepared for their Christmas traditions. I can't wait to go see the lights in Kiezer. They usually are spectacular.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why the Ice?

I am the first on to admit I'm still a California driver. And as a California driver I hate ice. I might go to work today (I'm going to try to get out of was only for 2 1/2 hours anyways) so I drove Johnny to work. He was just telling me how he was slipping and sliding on the road yesterday on the way home. I told myself I'd be careful. Well, I thought I was being careful. I knew some ice was coming up, I was going slow and turning the corner. I went into a panic but managed to get straight on the road and continue home.

Not to mention that the later forecast is freezing rain and snow. We all now what freezing rain will make...ICE! This is exciting weather but why oh why must I think I can drive in it. Needless to say I was unnerved the rest of the way home. If the sun could come out and dry up the roads it would be wonderful. Of course it's not going to happen.

No heat still. The stupid guy is chuckling under his breathe telling me he is working as fast and efficient as possible. Buddy that's not good enough for me. I am freezing in the night. I want my heater back. Space heaters are all right but the dogs and I still snuggle on the couch. None of us will move until it is up to at least 66 degrees in the house. Patience is definitely a virtue.

I definitely miss the Southern California weather at times. Nice and predictable. Nothing to extreme. I wonder if truckers get as nervous as I do when there's ice on the ground. Do you ever get comfortable enough to drive on the snow?? Well I'm off to go snuggle again. Just had to share my thoughts!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


They say it's suppose to snow today. I've been online and other people have said that they have snow. No luck with me. I wonder how they get snow and I don't. I thought I was a few feet higher in elevation than they are. Oh well.

I took a shower in my own house this morning. It felt great! It's chilly in the house though. I can't seem to get the house warmer than 69 degrees. I hope they finish with the furnace on Monday. My landlord called and offered his space heater. He said he was worried about the pipes bursting. If only they were worried about it earlier this week we might not have a problem. He offered to come over and unplug my washer machine. Is he serious...I didn't know people could be worried about the washer machine pipes bursting. Last year it snowed and was quite cold in the winter. I never thought about unplugging my washing machine. I think it will be fine. Of course I'm no expert so I'll have to talk to Johnny about it when he gets home today.

If I get snow in my front yard I'll post a picture. Until then, I hope everyone else is staying warm!

Friday, December 12, 2008

No Luck Yet!

So a week has passed and I still don't have heat. Although we are supposed to get a whole new water heater today and told that I'll have hot water. The heater....Not sure when I get that back yet and the weather man said it's suppose to snow...or at least get icy. Suffering just a little? Yes to say the least. Johnny and I are going to Holiday party with the National Guard tonight. Good food to look forward too. But it's going to be quite cold this weekend. Hopefully it warms up a little this next week. I sure hope we get heat back on on Monday. Any later and I think I'll have gone insane. I just feel real bad for the dogs because they have no heat when we're gone and I'm sure the temperature drops when the sun goes down for the day.

I haven't been posting because it's too cold inside my house. Hopefully I'll update this weekend. If not, maybe Monday. Dear Lord, please get this fixed soon!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Water Heater Problems

As I opened the gas bill this month I almost fainted. 450 dollars, definitely a problem with the water heater. We called our landlord right away and he came over the next day, Friday to take a look. The gas man came out and figured it was an electrical problem. Definitely something wrong when our water heats up to 200 degrees within a matter of moments. Somethings not regulating right.

Whens the electrical man coming out?? Not until Tuesday :( Guess will have to find a friend to barge in in on their shower to clean. Hopefully we'll be able to turn the water heater on shortly after. It is a little chilly in the house at the moment. And it's been years since we have used a space heater. Luckily we still had one in the garage. Mollie is even sitting close to the heater. We certainly don't have snow dogs, haha.

We are hoping that we will get a little grace from the gas company with our bill. And hopefully our landlord will help us with the rest of it. We hope for the best and wish for a fast return for the water heater. Luckily this didn't happen in January or February when it really is cold. Not that it isn't cold at the moment but it could be worse.