Friday, December 12, 2008

No Luck Yet!

So a week has passed and I still don't have heat. Although we are supposed to get a whole new water heater today and told that I'll have hot water. The heater....Not sure when I get that back yet and the weather man said it's suppose to snow...or at least get icy. Suffering just a little? Yes to say the least. Johnny and I are going to Holiday party with the National Guard tonight. Good food to look forward too. But it's going to be quite cold this weekend. Hopefully it warms up a little this next week. I sure hope we get heat back on on Monday. Any later and I think I'll have gone insane. I just feel real bad for the dogs because they have no heat when we're gone and I'm sure the temperature drops when the sun goes down for the day.

I haven't been posting because it's too cold inside my house. Hopefully I'll update this weekend. If not, maybe Monday. Dear Lord, please get this fixed soon!

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