Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Johnny and I ate well at his Aunt's house. The desserts were spectacular and not just because I made them. hehe. The enchildas were wonderful and the tacos looked great. I didn't get to them because the enchiladas were huge. We got to visit with his cousin for a bit before he had other Thanksgiving meals to go to. We found out that him and his long time girlfriend have set a date. I'm definetly happy for them. We also found out that his other cousin is pregnant. Hope for health during her pregnancy.

We met the newest addition to nieces too. We actually had to drive her and her sister up to Salem because their mom was working. At a month old we didn't have to do much for her. When she did finally wake up before her grandma arrived I had just given her a bottle.

Yesterday I decided to go shopping. Wasn't even going to try on Friday. I didn't need to go that bad. I got the dogs a couple of treats. They got into a fight over them too. I got scraped up so Johnny and I decided from now on they can have their treats in their crates. We aren't going to try and seperate them anymore. Luckily treat time is the only time we have issues with them.

This weekend has been lazy. Johnny and I have been playing our computer game. World of Warcraft. I set out my Cristmas decorations. I haven't put up the tree but with Daisy I'm not sure if I want to try this year. Maybe at two she will be a little more calm.

Hope everyone had a blast this holiday. And now we can all look forward to the next. Oh, we plan on going to pet santa day at the store and getting a picture of the dogs. I can't wait to see how that will turn out.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I got a haircut. Not a little trim, a full on cut. Johnny says it's the shortest he's seen it. He says he doesn't like it but I think he is just not used to it. Yes it is a lot different than the long hair that I had but I feel great with the new do. I just need to go out and get a straightener so my hair isn't so puffy once I blow dry it. I have the diffuser on my hairdryer but I still get the puffiness. Silly words I'm using.

I am also excited this week because I got a new phone. I downloaded silly ring tones too. I also got Johnny's mom a free phone. She's eligible for an upgrade. I couldn't resist. My phone is going to be free too. I just need to mail in the rebate. haha!

Thanksgiving is going to be fun. We are going to Johnny's Aunts house. We aren't going to have the traditional turkey meal we are having Mexican. Enchiladas and tacos are on the meal. I am going to try and make mini taco bowls. You put tortillas in a muffin pan. Bake them up so they make a bowl shape and but your taco toppings in. I hope it turns out. And of course Johnny's going to make his infamous peanut butter pie. Too sweet for me but everyone really enjoys that pie.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November Birthdays

I know I should have called some people and said happy birthday but I forgot. Well I didn't forget to call my mother-in-law I just forgot to wish her a happy birthday. I did that to my niece too. I called her mother yesterday without a birthday wish. It's probably tacky to do it on my blog but I do want to recognize everyone's birthday at least.

Jennifer 21st
Jordan 20th
Jaime 16th
Mollie (dog) 13th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY I love you girls. Hope your birthdays were special!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Back into Routine

It feels like it was just last week that we were in Cancun. We actually have been home for a week now. Johnny and I have gone back to our daily routines of work, basketball and playing with the dogs. Johnny has been asked to not have as much overtime at work. It was nice this morning spending a little more time with him before he went to work. He was also told that he will have the whole week of Christmas off. It would have been a wonderful treat if we were going down to California to visit my family. This year it's a little important that we stay here with his family as he will be off to Iraq in May.

I was working all last week inbetween preschools. It was busy and fun all at the same time. I was a little sad this morning to not get a phone call to come and work. But I do have laundry to do. Laundry, it's never done! I don't have a lot to say just thought I'd update on how we are doing a week after our trip.

Ohh yeah and Mollie is fine from her anal gland exploding. I'm sure I'll have more on that to update on everyone that's interested when she goes in for her follow up appointment. But that won't be until late next month or maybe even Jan.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We're Home

We miss Cancun already but being home again is nice too. Our dogs are definetly glad to be back too. Of course our trip wouldn't be the same with some minor set backs. My friend lost her paper saying why she was in a different country. She had to sit outside the office to get another one for almost an hour and a half. They finally figured out what to do and were able to fly back home. Then in Texas Johnny was taken back into the customs office. Finally it was all explained. We had the same issues last time we went to Cancun and nobody was willing to tell us anything. Supposedly there are other John Samuels in the world that are bad and Johnny has to pay the price of the name. But he got a stamp that is suppose to help him get through customs a whole lot quicker. I told him he has to take it with hime while in Iraq so he can get home and not have other issues.

I hope our dogs had a little fun while we were away. Although Daisy was up to her micheviousness while at our friends house. She ate their curtains while in her kennel. And maybe just had to much energy that the family couldn't handle. We are done with other people taking care of our dogs and I am going to the boarding kennel and looking into my dogs staying there next time. Professionals might be able to handle the high energy level that my dogs have.

The trip was well worth it. Getting relaxed before the holidays and what ever else is to come.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cancun Tours

On Monday we went to the Zipline. My stomach has been turning inside since my dad suggested that we go when we come down. I was terrified at the first tower but after the fourth one it was fantastic. Although I recommend always to use the break because if not it jerks your legs horribly. They had water at tower 7 and it was definetly needed. And yet more water at the last tower. Thank goodness. With all the anxiety and then the heat I was losing a lot of water.

Monday night we went to the evening show. The Carribean dancing. Afterwards they ask four ladies to come on stage. Our friend Beth went up and she won the dance contest. They even suggested that she was Miss Moon Palace 2007. I don't know how that could be since this is her first time here but it was funny to suggest.

Today we went on the Tulum/Xpu-Ha Palace. I now realize why they have a Tulum Express tour. Wish my mom was a little more specific on which tour to take to Tulum. It wasn't that bad just a really long day. We left at 9 and didn't get back until 6. The ruins were fantastic. It was amazing water at the beach. Johnny and I got some good pictures but I forgot to charge the battery last night so we could have taken more. Silly me...

Tomorrow we go to the water park. Where Nina is going to swim with the dolphins. Hope she has fun. My mom suggests that I don't go because you never know when a dolphin might get wild again. I don't know. I just told my mom I wouldn't and it's a little excuse I am using. Johnny has figured out who to talk to about golf, there's a slim chance he's going to go though.

Only two days left. We're going to make them last and be enjoyable. I know I'm still here but I want to come back again soon. I doubt it but you never know. I wonder what the weather is like in Oregon. It was raining when we left. I hope it's not too bad when we get back. I'll put up some pics when we get home. I don't feel like downloading while here. But yet again why am I here typing this out. Well I don't want to forget any key points of the trip.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cancun Adventures

You would think getting to Cancun would be easy. Not on Halloween. I now know that things can go wrong as if we were flying on a full moon. I'll have to check the moon. So we were suppose to get flying around 9 am but the radios weren't working. Luckily we were suppose to have a 3 hour layover in Texas. It just ended up being an hour and a half layover.

Getting into the hotel and in our rooms went as planned. We dropped our luggage in the room and ate. All I remember doing our first night is eating. On our second day we booked our tours and hung out at the pool. Our friends ended up drinking themselves to the porcelian bowl. At least three of them. I don't know how the other one made it through the night. Now they realized that they can go slow with the alchol. We'll see how the end of this night goes.

We went pool hopping today. It was nice just walking around and enjoying all the resorts here at moon palace. Johnny is drooling over the fact that he isn't going to play golf. It wouldn't be right to leave a someone behind. Although I am regretting the fact that Johnny isn't going because it's not fair that the other two guys wouldn't be able to go. I wish I could send Johnny by himself so he could just go and not worry about what other people aren't going to beable to do.

We have planned the zipline the wet and wild and tulum. hopefully I'll have some stories to share about those tours.