Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cancun Tours

On Monday we went to the Zipline. My stomach has been turning inside since my dad suggested that we go when we come down. I was terrified at the first tower but after the fourth one it was fantastic. Although I recommend always to use the break because if not it jerks your legs horribly. They had water at tower 7 and it was definetly needed. And yet more water at the last tower. Thank goodness. With all the anxiety and then the heat I was losing a lot of water.

Monday night we went to the evening show. The Carribean dancing. Afterwards they ask four ladies to come on stage. Our friend Beth went up and she won the dance contest. They even suggested that she was Miss Moon Palace 2007. I don't know how that could be since this is her first time here but it was funny to suggest.

Today we went on the Tulum/Xpu-Ha Palace. I now realize why they have a Tulum Express tour. Wish my mom was a little more specific on which tour to take to Tulum. It wasn't that bad just a really long day. We left at 9 and didn't get back until 6. The ruins were fantastic. It was amazing water at the beach. Johnny and I got some good pictures but I forgot to charge the battery last night so we could have taken more. Silly me...

Tomorrow we go to the water park. Where Nina is going to swim with the dolphins. Hope she has fun. My mom suggests that I don't go because you never know when a dolphin might get wild again. I don't know. I just told my mom I wouldn't and it's a little excuse I am using. Johnny has figured out who to talk to about golf, there's a slim chance he's going to go though.

Only two days left. We're going to make them last and be enjoyable. I know I'm still here but I want to come back again soon. I doubt it but you never know. I wonder what the weather is like in Oregon. It was raining when we left. I hope it's not too bad when we get back. I'll put up some pics when we get home. I don't feel like downloading while here. But yet again why am I here typing this out. Well I don't want to forget any key points of the trip.

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Cancun Mexico said...

Hi. Cancun has a lot of activities for everybody.. So it is not necesary that you try all. Congratulations for that trip. Come back soon!