Sunday, November 9, 2008

We're Home

We miss Cancun already but being home again is nice too. Our dogs are definetly glad to be back too. Of course our trip wouldn't be the same with some minor set backs. My friend lost her paper saying why she was in a different country. She had to sit outside the office to get another one for almost an hour and a half. They finally figured out what to do and were able to fly back home. Then in Texas Johnny was taken back into the customs office. Finally it was all explained. We had the same issues last time we went to Cancun and nobody was willing to tell us anything. Supposedly there are other John Samuels in the world that are bad and Johnny has to pay the price of the name. But he got a stamp that is suppose to help him get through customs a whole lot quicker. I told him he has to take it with hime while in Iraq so he can get home and not have other issues.

I hope our dogs had a little fun while we were away. Although Daisy was up to her micheviousness while at our friends house. She ate their curtains while in her kennel. And maybe just had to much energy that the family couldn't handle. We are done with other people taking care of our dogs and I am going to the boarding kennel and looking into my dogs staying there next time. Professionals might be able to handle the high energy level that my dogs have.

The trip was well worth it. Getting relaxed before the holidays and what ever else is to come.

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