Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

After going to the pumpkin patch I went over to my friends house were we had a pumpkin carving night. Everyone brought their pumpkins, we ate dinner and got started on all the goop and seed pulling and carving, shaving and lighting of our pumpkins. I thought after years of carving I'd try something a little more difficult...at least for me. LOL.

my boxer pumpkin
left pumpkin is a Schnauzer, and the right a Beaver OSU

Stencil looks great...should have left it at that. LOL

The beginning.

Shane and Justin starting on their pumpkins


Love, Love, Love October with all the pumpkin activities.

Saturday night I went to the haunted corn maze with my friend Bethany and her husband. I came home with mud up to my knees and had fun finding our way through the maze with chainsaw noises and strobe light tunnels and people sneaking up on you while your just standing around answering questions. My question of the night was why is this my first time? Johnny and I will be going again next year and I sooo can't wait.

On Sunday I went to the pumpkin patch with Johnny's family. I enjoyed taking pictures of everyone and yes I did pick one out. I'll show you in my next entry of pumpkin carving. :) To my surprise no tantrums this year. All the kiddos really enjoyed themselves. It was fun!

Me @ the pumpkin patch
Megan and Jeremy with their kidlets

Augie and Aspyn


Katelyn- who's bday is this month!