Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pictures and Collages

A while back I was rummaging through a catalog and mentioned to Johnny that I really liked it. I had intended on getting it. Then a couple of weeks after that I went out with the girls and when I came home he had bought me the collage. Needless to say that was months ago. My goal was to get it all filled in while he was gone. My goal is accomplished! Thanks to my friends who told me about

My mom had sent me home with this little frame. Glad I got most of my pictures printed out. I had a variety of pictures. Mollie and Daisy are a big part of our lives. We do miss Daisy. Now I have to hang these pictures into our concrete fun!

Little Jenna's Birthday

Jenna is 5! She is excited to start Kindergarten next month. Here's some pictures of her party!

With alot of friends and family by her side she had an enjoyable day. With swimming, jumping on the trampoline, otter pops and cake. I'm sure she's enjoying all the clothes and other presents given to her.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Started on Wii Fit

I borrowed my friends Wii Fit. Johnny has been suggesting that I buy it. Instead I borrowed it too make sure that I would actually use it. I have had the Wii fit for 5 days now and have used it 4 days. I actually woke up this morning and wanted to turn it on. And I can actually feel it working my muscles. I didn't think I would be as excited about it as I am. So here this next week I should go out and buy it now. And while I'm on Wii Fit Johnny is working out at the gym in Iraq. We both should be really fit by the time we see each other again. I'm very excited about this!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summertime Heat

I had to share my dogs fasination with ice cubes. It was the only water she was taking when it was hotter than normal here in Oregon. Not sure if she just got bored with trying to consume them but she actually started tossing them around as if it was a ball. Gotta love dogs!