Monday, March 28, 2011

Introducing puppy Rufus

I woke up two saturdays ago, got online and started googling for boxer puppies. Just browsing, I swear. Found a classified website for selling puppies and there was an ad for a litter in Sutherlin. Which is aproximetely 2 hours away. I called them up and asked if they still had puppies. Asked if they had males left and they said 2. So we texted them back and said we wanted the "fancy" boxer. That just meant the fawn boxer with a white chest. They said he's yours. We made our way to Sutherlin. Luckily Johnny has a friend who lives in Sutherlin so Molle, Johnny and I had a place to hang out with our new addition. It wasn't but half way down to Sutherlin that a light bulb went off and I said we need to name him. And with some back and forth vetos we finally said we should stick with the name Rufus.

There was a pitbull puppy in our lives once before ( a friends) named Rufus and we were in love with him. He had to be put down because he made some not wise decisions so we decided to go with the name. In honor or memory of him.

In the past two weeks we have all adjusted to puppy life. Mollie is starting to play more with the puppy and sit on him and love on him more and more each day. Johnny was on puppy duty for the first week since he had no work and my spring break was last week so I ended up on puppy duty. Rufus is slowly but surely learning his name and is starting to get the idea of where to go potty. OUTSIDE PLEASE! He seems to be a quick learner just can't wait for all the "accidents" to be done with.