Saturday, February 20, 2010

Being Lazy

I wanted to share pictures from my short trip to California, BUT....I'm being lazy about it. I haven't downloaded the pictures to my computer yet. I wanted to say that I truly did enjoy myself.
I enjoyed spending time with my dad on his 50th birthday and watching the Super Bowl Game. I enjoyed spending time with my mom and getting hot stone massage. Going shopping trying to find curtains for the new things Johnny and I bought for our living room. I even enjoyed having breakfast with my mom before heading to the airport and going back to Oregon.
I enjoyed playing with my 3 nieces and letting my sister and her husband go to a movie.
I enjoyed going shopping with my sister and helping her cook(the one time. LOL)

Now that I'm back in Oregon, I'm getting ready for Johnny to come home in April/May. We are starting to plan mini vacations and what to do with our summer. We will be figuring out what step to take in life when he gets home too. He's looking forward to going to school and I couldn't support him enough in this new step in our lives.
I'm also busy with my new temporary full-time job with Early Interventions. I'm glad to be working consistently during the week and am enjoying working in 2 different classrooms. I'll be looking forward to more hours, I hope, in the start of the school year in September.

That's just a short update on our lives and the direction we are going in the beginning of this year!