Sunday, August 16, 2009

Started on Wii Fit

I borrowed my friends Wii Fit. Johnny has been suggesting that I buy it. Instead I borrowed it too make sure that I would actually use it. I have had the Wii fit for 5 days now and have used it 4 days. I actually woke up this morning and wanted to turn it on. And I can actually feel it working my muscles. I didn't think I would be as excited about it as I am. So here this next week I should go out and buy it now. And while I'm on Wii Fit Johnny is working out at the gym in Iraq. We both should be really fit by the time we see each other again. I'm very excited about this!

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OurCarsAndCops said...

you should try out Wii Active. we have them both. Wii active kicks your butt. I could barely walk after using it :)