Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cancun Adventures

You would think getting to Cancun would be easy. Not on Halloween. I now know that things can go wrong as if we were flying on a full moon. I'll have to check the moon. So we were suppose to get flying around 9 am but the radios weren't working. Luckily we were suppose to have a 3 hour layover in Texas. It just ended up being an hour and a half layover.

Getting into the hotel and in our rooms went as planned. We dropped our luggage in the room and ate. All I remember doing our first night is eating. On our second day we booked our tours and hung out at the pool. Our friends ended up drinking themselves to the porcelian bowl. At least three of them. I don't know how the other one made it through the night. Now they realized that they can go slow with the alchol. We'll see how the end of this night goes.

We went pool hopping today. It was nice just walking around and enjoying all the resorts here at moon palace. Johnny is drooling over the fact that he isn't going to play golf. It wouldn't be right to leave a someone behind. Although I am regretting the fact that Johnny isn't going because it's not fair that the other two guys wouldn't be able to go. I wish I could send Johnny by himself so he could just go and not worry about what other people aren't going to beable to do.

We have planned the zipline the wet and wild and tulum. hopefully I'll have some stories to share about those tours.

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