Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cancun here we come!

Okay so it's 3 days away but I'm not sure if I'll blog again before we take off. I am getting so anxious that I woke up earlier than normal. But that's fine because it allows me some computer time. I know that Cancun will be a blast but I'm also a little concerned about Mollie. I had to take her in to the vet yesterday. This is gross but she had an anal gland erupt. Not a pretty site at all.

I guess I'm only concerned cause the dogs are like my children and I get sad when I have to leave them behind. And the fact that she'll be taking medicine and she might not be feeling well. I feel like I'm the best provider for her and I should be the one doing it. But I have to put my trust and faith into the dog sitter and know that my dogs will be safe and loved while I'm gone. I can be a worry wort sometimes and I should be happy that I have such a great friend that is willing to take care of my dogs while we're away.

Blissful and relaxing Cancun. I am ready for this trip. I can't wait to indulge on the beauty of Mexico. It's going to be great. I'm not really good at posting pictures but when I get back I'll try to remember to post a few. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween :)

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