Sunday, December 14, 2008


They say it's suppose to snow today. I've been online and other people have said that they have snow. No luck with me. I wonder how they get snow and I don't. I thought I was a few feet higher in elevation than they are. Oh well.

I took a shower in my own house this morning. It felt great! It's chilly in the house though. I can't seem to get the house warmer than 69 degrees. I hope they finish with the furnace on Monday. My landlord called and offered his space heater. He said he was worried about the pipes bursting. If only they were worried about it earlier this week we might not have a problem. He offered to come over and unplug my washer machine. Is he serious...I didn't know people could be worried about the washer machine pipes bursting. Last year it snowed and was quite cold in the winter. I never thought about unplugging my washing machine. I think it will be fine. Of course I'm no expert so I'll have to talk to Johnny about it when he gets home today.

If I get snow in my front yard I'll post a picture. Until then, I hope everyone else is staying warm!

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