Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting Ready!

Just an update on how December is going...our heater was finally put in and started working again on Thursday. Just to find out on Saturday that one of the guys didn't set it up correctly. We had called back and they had to come out again this weekend. But we think it's finally fixed. We hope so!

We weren't planning alot when it came to Christmas presents this year because like everyone else we are tight on budget. But last night we decided what we will do for the little ones that are around. Hopefully it will all work out just fine. Johnny and I both have the next week off, maybe we can pretend we're on another vacation :)

Because of the storms that came throughout this past week I ended up not going to work at all. It was also nice to know that someone would actually be around the house when the people were coming to work on our house. I know I said I would put up pictures of the snow but I never picked up the camera. I have to work on that a little bit. Earlier this year I had my camera in my hand alot...then after Cancun I haven't had it around me. Must be tired of taking pictures.

Hope everyone is getting prepared for their Christmas traditions. I can't wait to go see the lights in Kiezer. They usually are spectacular.

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