Saturday, March 7, 2009

ipod touch

Johnny had this crazy idea for us to both get ipod touch's. Yesterday I went out and purchased both of them. It is exactly like an iphone with all sorts of applications to chose from, it's just not a phone. I am trying to figure out how, if it is possible to write a blog and post it from the itouch. Once I figure it out all the way it's going to be a blast.

Ohh and once I figure out what's wrong with the laptop to get my music off of it and onto my itouch that will be nice too. We usually keep our laptop on all the time. Probably not a good thing. I turned it off on Thursday since Johnny isn't home this weekend, drill. When I got home with the itouchs I tried turning on the laptop and the screen doesn't work. Hopefully it's a quick fix because we just spent a good amount of money putting more ram into it. Plus I have things that I need to get off of it. Grrr...hopefully it's something nice and easy because I would hate to here that it's a loss and to just get a new one. Johnny intended to take it with him to Iraq too.

Life happens in funny ways.

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