Saturday, May 9, 2009

Never Enough Time

The week went by fast. Johnny and I had seven days together. Starting off with last Friday we just hung at home. Saturday he had to work (Drill) while I drove around getting boots and other various items that he needed. Sunday we had the whole day to ourselves (the only day that happened :( ] Monday we had a deployment ceremony where the governor came out and made a presence. We went to Best Buy and bought a laptop and camera...last minute things. Tuesday, I worked for 3 hours then had lunch with some friends and his mom came over late afternoon to hang out. Wednesday he slept in, started to repack while I worked for 3 hours and then we went to a movie with friends and saw Wolverine. Thursday he took his mom out for breakfast while I worked for 3 hours, and we continued to buy last minute things. Friday I worked for 5 hours while he hung out with friends, he finished packing and we tried sleeping....but didn't get to bed until 11 and set the alarm for 1:45. Now it's Saturday, I haven't taken a nap and have to babysit later where I need all the patience in the world to get through the afternoon. Johnny will be on a bus at 8:30 to take off for the airport and flying to Georgia.

I thought I had myself under control. I did alot of crying when they took off for California. But driving home without my husband is a feeling that I seem to not get used too. I just pray for his safety and awareness for himself and the men and women around him. It seems like we have it all together on the outside of life but on the inside we go crazy. Then having to talk with someone that doesn't have really any advice but seem to bring up the situation anyways. I'm not sure what to say to them. Sometimes it's better to leave some topics out of conversation. I think I'm jibber jabbing and for no good reason. I'm ending this post and going to try and rest my least for an hour our two.

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Leslie said...

We've been thinking about you guys. I'm glad you both have spent some time together before he leaves, although I'm sure it goes by quicker than you'd like! I hate when that happens. I know it's small in comparison but I remember last year when John was gone for 3 months. No lie it was hard but it became manageable and I just stayed busy which made it a little easier. Please know you guys are in our thoughts and prayers! We're coming out in August so we'll try to meet up with you while we're in the area. (Keep smiling.) I know it's hard to do with the other half gone. Email or call us anytime.