Monday, May 18, 2009

Keeping Busy

that was suggested by the FRG Coordinators. But is it possible to be too busy. I think I've worn myself out and can't wait it out until the end of the school year which is in 3 weeks. I had to tell a lady I do respite for that I need respite for myself and I will be unavailable next weekend. It will be my first weekend off, in I don't know how long. dog is reverting back into her ways of not listening and going limp when I say it's time to go into the crate. (if you have a dog I'm sure you understand, but if not...there just like kids) Sometimes you don't know you need a day off until a kid or dog, in my case, is being stubborn.

But, I'm getting excited because I'm going to California for about 3 weeks after school gets out. Today my sister and I planned a trip to Arizona. And you may ask yourself, "Kathryn, how are you getting around?" The answer is driving. I'm crazy and probably don't have to be reminded but I am driving 16 hours to California then a week into the trip driving 6 hours to Arizona. I must love and miss my family tremendously because otherwise I would think I was a nut job. Mollie will be joining me for my trip to California. But most likely not Arizona. Not sure how she would do with Oregon weather then California weather and then have to deal with Arizona.

While in California or Arizona for that matter, I might be taking a trip to Georgia to see Johnny one last time before he goes overseas. I hope this works out because he's been gone again for a little over a week now and I am going insane.

I am at the moment writing this blog and trying to get some ladies to go to a Mary Kay party so this feels like only half of what I really wanted to say. So I'm going to end the blog and add more later...Hope everyone is keeping busy as well!

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