Thursday, June 4, 2009


I hate them. We haven't had too many since I've been up here. But today is the second day in a row that we have had them. Hopefully they are leaving. Not sure if they are suppose to come back tomorrow or not. I have an outside baby shower to go to on Saturday so they have to be gone by then. Because I said so. Mollie isn't too bothered by them which is good because if she started freaking out my anxiety may have been worse.

So I've gotten the car serviced. The whole house is clean. (Well with the exception of the office, but I plan on cleaning that room before I leave) Mollie's appointment for the vet is next Wednesday so I'll be off early Thursday. I got all the travel situations figured out for Georgia and my sister is going to care for Mollie. I have to go to Bestbuy to pick up a few last things. And I'm ready to start packing. I talked to a friend who is in California visiting too and we are going to try and meet up too. I'm excited about this next month and hopefully everything goes nice and smoothly..traveling wise.

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