Monday, April 13, 2009

Daisy is Gone

Well sad to say but I did it all by myself. I took Mollie to have a pawdate at her friends. Then Daisy and I drove a hour and a half to her temporary home. I was complete control until I walked into the building. I was a mess. She's a great dog but I guess I learned my lesson. Always make sure it's okay with your landlord before you bring home a dog. Or...just buy your own house so it isn't an issue. Someday Johnny and I will get there.

I filled out the paperwork. I forgot her medical records. I need to get them to the shelter by the end of the week. I signed a contract saying that I was surrendering her then I brought her in. They asked if I wanted to say goodbye. The answer is that I don't want to say goodbye but yes I will. I sat and cried with her while she licked my tears away. The lady handling her said she would be fine. There's alot to do with other dogs. My thoughts were only where will she sleep if she isn't going to be in bed with me. Too bad I didn't ask because I want to know now.

Mollie was fine when I saw her afterwards. But when we got home she went looking for Daisy then laid by the front door as if to wait for her. I tried having Mollie give me kisses after awhile and she wouldn't even look at me. I'm in the dog house. This morning she even stayed in bed an hour and a half after me. I know she isn't liking the situation. Hopefully she'll get used to being the only dog in the house again. She didn't destroy anything while I was at work, that's an accomplishment. And she is eating some food right now. She may enjoy this life again. She'll soon find out that she can come along with me more often.

Johnny feels bad. He loved Daisy too. I wish he were able to go with me so I had him to cry on. It was difficult handing her off but it was time. Maybe he'll make it up when he gets home for a couple of days in May. We all loved Daisy and we'll miss her.

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