Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Denial

So I haven't written about anything cuz I am terrified of Johnny leaving. I trust that he will keep himself safe and try to stay out of trouble but come on it's always scary to know that your husband is going overseas to a place that isn't the safest place to be. This certainly makes it difficult to celebrate my birthday. So anybody out there go ahead and eat a piece of cake because my nerves are shot and I'm not interested.

On a lighter note: We did get professional pictures taken. I'll download them...later. I think they turned out cute. Mollie of course is the cutest in the picture.

And it's sad to say but it has taken sometime to realize that maybe I should give Daisy away. I wish I didn't have to do this. Johnny and I have fallen in love with her. But she needs a yard she can hang out in and we don't have that. I'm currently looking for a rescue that will take her that way I know she won't be put down. Wish she didn't have being deaf as a drawback on people thinking about taking her in. She just needs a more active family than I am that wants to take the time to walk her and play with her.

Wish me luck in all my adventures in the next month!

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