Sunday, September 27, 2009


I started baking cookies to send to Johnny. First of all I hope they get there edible. Secondly, I thought he would enjoy some pictures of me making them since he usually enjoys taking one off the counter fresh out of the oven when he is home.

The suggestion that I have read on the Internet is to freeze the cookies until you go to the post office. So all the orange Tupperware are cookies to send to Johnny. And you get to look at what else is in the freezer. Time for a bigger freezer!
The cookies I made in the pictures are peanut butter with a pumpkin candy. For Halloween of course! Other cookies I baked and are sending out are chocolate cookies and I made chocolate chip oat bars. I am waiting for the bowls to clean up in the dishwasher to start making the sugar cookies. I'm still not sure how all these cookies will end up in the box.

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