Sunday, February 15, 2009

How's your week...

Sitting here this evening and thinking back on the craziness of the week. Monday and Tuesday were nice and normal. Wednesday I got called in to work at the LBCC preschool. I worked until six and somehow was suppose to be in a class at six too. I was on campus to say the least for too long on Wednesday. Thursday I worked a full day and then went to dinner with Johnny and his mom and friend and his now fiancee. Friday I worked a full day then babysat a child that was in my classroom that evening. On Saturday, or Valentine's Day, Austin and Cass joined Johnny and I up to Portland. We went up to Powell's Books and then ate at Sweet Tomatoes and then ended up at Fry's. Today I relaxed, cleaned the living room and then babysat this afternoon and evening. But tomorrow is all for me. I can't wait. I feel bad for the dogs because Johnny was away most of the time I was. He was socializing with friends. Tomorrow I'm going to spoil the dogs with some new toys. I feel totally guilty for leaving them beyond hours that they should be left at home. I'm sorry Mollie and Daisy...hopefully the rest of this month won't be as busy.

Just had to type out my busyness. Make sure it was real I guess. So much to think about right now it's amazing how I just go with the flow of the day and end up in my bed each night.

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