Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year....Hope everyone enjoyed it. Johnny and I went to a friends house and played games for a couple of hours. But we were still home by 10. Yes we could be late nite owls but we aren't.

Not much to update about. I finished rearranging the office on Thursday and have been enjoying the new setup of the house. We went to Portland yesterday and did some shopping. We started at Powell's books (our favorite spot in Portland) and picked up about 10 books. Yippee! We stopped at Maggie's house and enjoyed talking to her for a bit and I met Johnny's ex-girlfriend, Amber. I actually enjoyed talking to her too. We found out that she is a World of Warcraft fan as well :)

We got to park on a mound of snow at the Clackamas Town Center. Johnny got a new pair of running shoes. and I got a calendar for the year and the new Enya Cd. I enjoy it! We are looking forward to Jimmy coming this week and are anticipating Austin to come back for a couple of weeks at the end of the month.

Anybody got any good ideas for restaurants to taking Johnny to for his birthday would be nice. I was wanting to maybe make a day of Portland and eat somewhere nice.

No new year resolutions for me but I hope for the best for anyone that may have made there own!

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