Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wanting a Job

This stinks! I had thought that I would have had a job by now but have had now luck. I don't understand the school district here and why they don't give me a call. I have applied for almost every single job possible with no luck.

It does surprise me because the lady I babysit for was talking to her bosses about me and they said they could use me. But guess what...the job never posted. I am at a loss. Then Johnny's boss said they had a job for me and I'd be getting a call. So far no call. I am still a little hopeful for a job I applied to. The deadline for apps was the 9th so maybe a call today. I really want a phone call.

Sitting at home all day is a drag with nothing to do. I would probably be able to find something to do if I had the money to do it too. With no work there isn't extra money that would be able to not worry about it but it has been too long. I have a temporary job at the moment but they don't really call me either.

Sorry I'm going a little crazy and I'm about ready to start applying for fast food restaurants and department stores. Oh Well

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