Monday, September 15, 2008

Camping Again

This time when we went camping it was at our usual spot. But we still did forget a thing or too. Like towels to take a shower and water or soda. We only took water for the dogs and alcohol. You know what we had our minds on.

The dogs did fine. Although Mollie is still taking cold medicine she did fine. I don't think she likes tromping in the dirt. Or maybe she was sick and uncomfortable. We love to camp so she better like it. Daisy lovved the dirt. She would be fine if we didn't wash her but I have some serious thoughts on that one. Johnny thought the dogs got in the way because of the yard leashes we brought and the fact that we had to tie them to the table. But if we had a two room tent, one for the dogs and one for us maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

Camping is an experience and you learn what to bring the more you go. With dogs now coming with us we have to think of things for them too. It was rather interesting and I'm sure I'll think of a few things for next year with the dogs. I don't want to leave them at home.

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