Friday, September 19, 2008

Got the Job!

So I went in today for the Early Interventions job and I hands down got the job. There were two ladies interviewing me and one looked at the other and asked, "Where did you find her?" They were so excited that I had the experience that I have working with special needs children. So Monday I will go and fill out my w-4 form and start subbing.

It's just a subbing position but they said that it's possible to work a full week with them. Although it's Monday through Thursday. Not many classes on Friday. That's fine. I'm still trying to sub at the college preschool. Not working out the way I thought it would but I get a few hours here and there.

I'm so excited I've been on cloud-9 all day. I just want to get in the classroom already and learn more through the children on how they learn and go about there day. Hopefully I'll get some direction on how to get my Bachelor's degree too. I can't wait.

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