Monday, September 5, 2011

New Post. LOL.

I started this space in the wonderful intent on keeping up with family and friends.  Although I'm not exactly sure who reads.  These past couple of months have been crazy.  From picking up Rufus, to having my mom come to town for my birthday, getting laid off, going to a fertility doctor and then the BIG NEWS: FINDING OUT WE'RE PREGNANT!!

I'll start with getting laid off.  I was told Early June, not thrilled but going with the flow with life.  I went to a fertility doctor late June, just a consult but talked about a few tests and such that I was suppose to do.  Then two days later I find out I'm pregnant.  Total shock.  And excitement!

So today I am 16 weeks pregnant and feeling all the little pains in my back and stretching of my belly.  Hopefully I can find out the gender later this week but if not I'll be waiting another long 4 weeks.  It's okay, I'm just really enjoy this time.

I'm also trying really hard to find a job before I start showing and then it becomes obvious to my interviewer and then I feel that I become a liability and they'd have to figure something out while I was on maternity leave and may choose someone else who isn't pregnant or not showing at the moment.

The big question: When are you due?  February 15th.  The significance in February?  Johnny's Birthday the 17th, my dad's birthday on the 7th.  This baby I'm sure is going to have quite the entrance into this world.

Happy Summer, Hello Fall.  Hopefully I'll be updating soon on the gender of this amazing addition to our family!

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