Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Update

So we're half way through our summer. Or maybe I should say my summer break. We went to Central California for the fourth of July and hung out with my mom's side of the family. It was really alot of fun. That's about it for the exciting things we've done for summer. LOL we're regular old party animals. haha.

Anyways, the results from all that blood work I had done was pretty much all good news. I'm a healthy 28 year old woman...except that I have too many follicles on my ovaries and is preventing me to ovulate. So the doctor has diagnosed PCOS (polyistic ovarian syndrome). I've started taking Metformin twice a day to keep the bad follicles flowing so I am actually menstrating. And the medicine is working. Now I have to keep my eyes open and alert to get the ovulation timing correct and hopefully Johnny and I will be able to start a family soon. Keep your fingers crossed it all works out. If this medicine doesn't work I'll go see a fertility specialist where they will most likely start me on Clomid. I'm just hoping it doesn't take that long. hehe.

Onto the update on house hunting...oh my goodness. I didn't realize how hard it was gonna be. We found a house and we put an offer on it and mysteriously there happened to be 2 other offers at the same exact time. Needless to say it's not going to work out so we're back to square one. Ugh, I just wish that our house was out there right now. It's like finding a diamond in the ruff. So many to look at to find our gem. I'm hoping to find our gem sooner rather than later cuz I'm stressing myself out and get depressed when there's no new houses on the market.

Ohh and stress isn't good if I'm trying to concieve so I was hoping to have less stress but I've managed to add stress to my life. I'm actually looking forward to working again at the end of August. It honestly can't come soon enough. LOL

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Johnny talked me into trading in my Xterra, which I love to death and would have never gotten rid of it for anything, for a pickup truck. All my friends were appalled cuz they knew how much I loved my guess is that I must really love my husband. And now I'm training myself to be calm and confident in driving a manual car. Cuz I think he's more in love with the truck than the car now. So the mazda is mine, which I have anxieties driving and the truck is his. LOL

okay time to get off...he wants to go for ice cream!

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