Thursday, August 14, 2008

Friends Coming Home

I know of two people that seem to be coming back to Lebanon here soon. My friend Amber who I've lost contact with for 3 years is coming home while her husband goes on deployment in September. It also helps having someone around to talk to who is going through the exact same thing that I am.

Also my friend Megan. Although I'm not sure when exactly she is coming home. I know she was suppose to come home this month but doesn't have the funds to move back. So hopefully by the winter she will be able to move. I know her family is waiting impatiently.

I was thinking how everyone is coming home to their families that maybe I made the wrong decision to not go home as well. I hope not. I figured it would be harder for me to move for a year and come back than stick it out here for a year without Johnny. Maybe I can make holiday trips home frequently when Johnny isn't home. I'm sure I'll make it through either way. It's hard to travel when you have two dogs to figure out where they would stay if you weren't able to take them anyways. Plus, I didn't want to burden my mom with my dogs when hers are in poor health.

I have to remind myself that I think to much and I believe in myself. I can make it a year here without my family or Johnny. It will work. I will make it work.

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